Photo credits: HYBE


The girls from ILLIT are officially debuting with their mini-album ‘SUPER REAL ME’. The members were selected during the reality show ‘UR NEXT?’ We’re super curious to discover this latest HYBE group, so let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the very chill and ambient ‘My world’. This is a super cool pop track that will stay stuck in your head for a hot minute.

The title track ‘Magnetic’ is up next. I love these plucky synths and the deep bass. The vocals are super solid and the way they added the ad-libs, is just adorable and make the track even more playful.

This is energetic, fun and catchy to boot. It’s super solid! Also I’m obsessed with the blue gingham outfits!

‘Midnight Fiction’ is up next. This is a modern pop track with a cool guitar riff and honestly really cool layering. I liked the panning of the left and right headphones. I wish the bridge stood out a bit more, but overall, it’s a pretty good track!

The closing track is ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’. We’re going for Dance Pop with this one with a bit of a heavier instrumentation. I’m really digging the guitars in this, together with the twinkling synth in the backing track. Also I’m a sucker for a whistle section, so that was just the cherry on top.

Overall, ‘SUPER REAL ME’ by ILLIT is a very solid debut, and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the coming years.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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