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[Review] n.SSign – BIRTH OF COSMO

The boys from n.SSign are officially debuting with their mini-album ‘BIRTH OF COSMO’. We’re stoked, so let’s take a closer look.


They pre-released the first single ‘Higher’ a couple of days ago. You can watch the music video below.

The title track is ‘Wormhole: New Track’. This is a very interesting single. The first minute the instrumentation is almost just the beat and it isn’t until after that more of the layering starts happening. It’s a very cool way to grab the attention.

‘Spice’ is an adorable dance pop track with a very warm piano sound and a more vocal focus in comparison to the title track. It feels a bit retro and honestly it’s a great track that feels very warm and catchy.

After that comes ‘Melody’. We’re going for synth pop in this one. I really enjoyed the bouncy synths and the soft vocals. It’s definitely a track that’ll put a smile on your face.

‘Home’ is the closing track and starts with a very mellow synth.

Overall n.SSign did a great job with ‘BIRTH OF COSMO’. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify. You can read about their pre-debut album here.

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