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[Review] Jo Yuri – Love All

Jo Yuri is back with her second mini-album ‘Love All’. Let’s dive right in!

Love All

We start off with the title track ‘TAXI’ which is a hybrid dance pop track. This is cute and has a happy sound. It’s a love confession song where you hop in a taxi to go to your crush to tell them right away that you’re in love.

‘Lemon Black Tea’ starts with a super cool bass riff. Young K from DAY6 wrote the lyrics for this track. It’s groovy, has a sick beat and with Yuri’s sweet vocals, it’s a perfect match. I thoroughly enjoyed this track.

We follow that up with ‘Bitter Taste’. The track is a blend of electro and pop and shows a more mature side. This is a vibe and I love the tension it carries.

‘Hang On’ brings us an R&B vocal with a cool beat and even a bit of a jazzy instrumental. This is a total vibe and I’m loving it. I’m definitely adding this to my playlists.

‘Bruise’ is the last song on the mini-album. This is an absolutely stunning ballad with an emotive piano and beautiful vocal layering. Yuri definitely has the vocal chops to pull off a ballad like this.

Jo Yuri did a great job with ‘Love All’. There are so many fantastic tracks on this mini!

Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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