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[Review] n.SSign – SALTY

The boys from n.SSign released their pre-debut mini-album ‘SALTY’. This group was created during the survival show ‘Stars Awakening/Youth Star’. They will debut sometime this year and will only be active as a group for one year.


We start off with the title track ‘SALTY’. I’m totally digging this groovy beat. The bass is hella cool. We get some really nice vocals and honestly, this is a total vibe! I like it a lot and this feels so summery, groovy and fresh.

‘BOUNCE!’ comes after that. This is a super cute dance pop track that compares basketball to love. It’s adorable, catchy and will have you dancing in your bedroom. The rap verse is fire and the chorus is really fun!

Next up is ‘NEED U’. We’re going for synth pop on this one. I love this sound so much. The beat is popping off and the marimba brings such a summery atmosphere to the track.

The last track is ‘Beautiful. This is such a cool synth R&B track. The vocals are stunning and I loved the harmonization.

After that are all the instrumental tracks of the singles.

You can listen to ‘SALTY’ by n.SSign on Spotify here.

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