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[Review] MINO – “TO INFINITY.”

The one and only SONG MINO is back with his third full album ‘“TO INFINITY.”‘. It’s been a bit over a year since he dropped his last album and we were waiting for this release to arrive.

MINO always surprises us with his music and very creative concepts. Let’s dive into the tracks and check out what he has prepared for us.


We start off with ‘LOVE IN DA CAR‘ with an intro including a lovely vocal and instrumental arrangement introducing listeners to this album. This song changes to hip-hop beats with a cool EDM track and MINO offering his fantastic rap delivery. I really liked how this track kept surprising me with the additions and changes to the flow and beat. It was surprising and super fun to listen.

The title track ‘TANG!‘ comes up next and for this one we get a more playful rap delivery and MINO’s melodic singing. I totally loved the structure of this song, the beats and the addition of the electric guitar was fantastic. On top of that this song is just super catchy.

For this music video we get a very creative and rather cute production showing him living his two parallel lives, reality vs VR. This MV is super high quality and MINO’s acting was funny and really good. Check it below.

Featuring lIlBOI and Gaeko, ‘PYRAMID‘ begins. This song is a super sick listen from start to end. The mix of the rapping of the three of them is flawless, the beats, the flow and the style of this track are incredible.

We get our very much missed hip-hop duo MOBB in ‘LANGUAGE‘, as expected MINO and BOBBY delivered and killed it in this track. The bass was fantastic and the full arrangement is perfect to hype up crowds, individually they are incredible but together these two are just the next level of greatness.

Second half

KILL‘ takes over and this song mixes smooth R&B with hip-hop, this single gave me big ‘BODY’ vibes with its sexiness and I am here for it. It felt like the 2.0 version and it was an experience to listen to it.

EDM beats follow up in ‘MUAH‘ and for this song MINO went for a more trendy and unique style. MINO’s vocals in this song were really good and overall the track kept a steady flow with a great mixing and layering.

QUESTION MARK‘ comes along with a more experimental structure that had me in absolute shock, the vocals and rapping were fantastically balanced and even though the beats are no the usual hip-hop ones. Their mix worked amazingly in this track.

We move onto ‘DRUNK TALK‘ featuring sogumm, the guitar riff in this song gave me all the feels. This track is nostalgic and sentimental. The instrumentation enhanced the emotions in this single and I seriously loved the outro.

We continue with the emotional instrumentation and singing in ‘LOSING U‘. The backing vocals in this song are amazing and the piano solo was splendid. I really loved how this song kept a rather minimalistic orchestration and all the effort was put in the delivery of its emotional content. Absolutely beautiful.

Closing this album is ‘SAD WALK‘ featuring sunwoojunga. What a way to close this release! The mix between MINO’s rapping with sunwoojunga’s vocals is incredible. The track itself goes back and forth between hip-hop and a very smooth jazzy-EDM instrumentation. This song incredible and very unexpected, a one thousand out of ten.

MINO once again released a solid album. As part of the Inner Circle I couldn’t be more proud of him and his work. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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