photo credit: Magic Strawberry Sound

Ode To The Artist: Sunwoo Jung A

Sunwoo Jung A is an incredible singer-songwriter and composer.

She has such control over her vocals that she can fit into any genre. Without realizing it, I had heard her on several songs. It wasn’t until I dived a bit deeper into her personal discography that I noticed I already had several of her featured songs saved in my playlist. This woman can do anything! She can do R&B, indie, jazz, pop. Apparently she’s also a vocal coach so it makes sense she knows how to use her voice. #VocalLegend

She’s worked together with so many legendary artists. I’m talking G-Dragon and TOP, Lee Hi, 2Ne1, Lee Moon Sae. Jung A isn’t afraid to step out of the box and work with more indie artists as well, like Mothervibes, Colde, Epik High, Primary and Car, the Garden. 

It wasn’t until I saw the video for ‘Sam Sam’ that I decided to do that deep dive. ‘Sam Sam’ is an incredible song about how she is greedy for fame but at the same time she’s not sure if she deserves to get it. Because there are other girls who are amazing as well and they might have the same dream. I definitely recommend checking that video out because it tells an entire story and is just brilliant!

After that I found her song with IU, which was featured in our very first Top 3. Then there was the cover she did for Blackpink’s ‘Whistle’. She totally transformed that one to a brand new, more sensual version. 

But then I found ‘SPRINGIRLS’ and I was even more in love. The song is a bop and I can’t stop singing it because it’s so catchy. The video features stunning women with pretty spring colours. Sandara Park, another icon is in it as well. 

Sunwoo Jung A has more talent in her left pinky than I have in my entire body. We stan a legend. 

Here are some interesting songs you might want to watch: