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[Review] MCND – X10

MCND is back with new music in their sixth mini-album ‘X10’. This groups music never fails to boost listeners energies with singles that are not only bops with also super catchy.

We are rather excited with this mini-album, let’s dive right into it and listen to the music!


The title track ‘X10‘ opens up this release with power beats and a fantastic guitar riff that add a lot more strength to this song. The vocals in this this single are rather high in pitch, adding passion to its flow, and the rapping as expected goes fast and sharp, creating a unique contrast. The music video as we expected is filled with tight dance sequences, CGI and impressive solo shots that show the power behind this title song.

Sharp piano riff welcome listeners in ‘Tuning‘, this track goes off with an impressive arrangement and dynamic changes that make the rap and vocal line SHINE. The vocals are powerful and very impressive throughout this full song.

Out Louder‘ keeps the energies up with a bouncing rhythm and fantastic back vocals. The rap-line totally delivers in this song, with dope verse delivery and hype chanting. ‘Girl Friend‘ takes over to keep this release diverse an EDM/R&B track, the flow in this song is very smooth, with a build-up and drops that make it a total trip.

Closing this release we get ‘TOP GANG Vol.2‘ reminiscing of the debut era, the hip-hop core in this track brings back memories, but also shows the growth of this group, we will hopefully get a performance video of this song, because the members would totally kill it once again!

MCND’s ’10X’ is a release packed with their power, with single that goes off and show the growth and talent of this group. Listen to this release here.

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