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The boys from MCND are back with their latest mini-album ‘ODD-VENTURE’. Let’s take a closer look at this release.


We start off with the track ‘Run’. This is a pop track with some rock guitars thrown in. I really enjoyed the deep tone of the opening. The build-up is pretty cool as well. I really enjoyed the melodic chorus.

After that comes the title track ‘ODD-VENTURE’. This is a really fun track. The opening twangy guitars were super nice. As always MCND delivers on the title track and this is no different. The ‘oh oh’ part in the chorus is a fantastic addition and makes the track a total earworm.

‘Pop Star’ is up next. We’re going for hip and young in this one. The beat is a bit softer than the previous two tracks and it’s a fun, light pop track.

The next track ‘Treasure’ gives us an R&B and Hip Hop blend. This one is a really lovely listen with a nice backing track and a very melodic rap part.

‘Loosen Up’ comes next. We’re going for a Hip Hop heavy track but the instrumentals are really interesting. There are a lot of different layers happening and it’s super dope! The rap as always is on point.

Cruise’ is another Hip Hop heavy track with the vibe of their very first releases. It’s cool and has an effortless flow to it.

We close off with the English version of their track ‘W.A.T.1′. The Korean version was released on their previous album.

You can listen to ‘ODD-VENTURE’ by MCND on Spotify here.

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