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Former ASTRO member ROCKY steps into the spotlight with his inaugural solo venture, the mini-album ‘ROCKYST.’ Featuring six tracks that traverse various genres, this EP offers a glimpse into ROCKY’s unique musical universe.

Let’s dive into it.


The journey begins with ‘Music Is My Life,’ a retro pop track enriched with heavy bass. The infectious groove and seamless flow make it an outstanding listen, setting the stage for the musical exploration that follows.

The title track, ‘Lucky Rocky,’ emerges with an exhilarating sax and a retro funk vibe. The impeccable vocal dynamics and flow, complemented by piano instrumentation and tap sounds, create an exceptional sonic experience. For the music video, ROCKY gives an insane performance that compliments this song extremely well, and makes it even more enjoyable. Make sure to have a look at it below.

Your Halley‘ introduces a shift to soft R&B/pop, featuring pristine vocalization and harmonious ad-libs. This emotionally charged single adds a sentimental touch to the EP.

‘Synth takes the spotlight in ‘Chameleon,’ ushering in a sharp and trendy sound. The alternative feel of this track contributes to its unique vibe, creating an engaging listening experience.

Yes or No‘ charms with a delightful guitar riff and fantastic vocals. This catchy pop single boasts a melodic line and instrumental additions that keep the listener captivated and grooving at it.

The EP culminates with ‘Find Me,’ a single drenched in passion, trendy tunes, and stellar singing. ROCKY pours his heart into this concluding track, delivering a solid piece that marks the perfect ending to ‘ROCKYST.’

ROCKY’s ‘ROCKYST’ is a non-skippable masterpiece, offering a dynamic journey through diverse genres and revealing a new facet of his artistry. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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