Photo credits: Dreamcatcher company

[Review] Dreamcatcher – [VillainS]

Our favorite rock girlies from Dreamcatcher are back with their new mini-album ‘[VillainS]’. We’re super stoked, so let’s take a closer look!


We start off with ‘Intro: This My Fashion’ which perfectly sets the tone for the next track ‘OOTD’.

‘OOTD’ is the title track. This is such an interesting title track. We’re going for a blend of pop punk with a lot of electronic elements. It’s just so rad, I can’t stop listening to it. I still wish that we had gotten a big bombastic vocal moment, but it’s definitely a very solid Dreamcatcher title track.

‘Rising’ is up next. We’re going for metal rock with a fast pace and sickening guitars. The vocals are top notch and I love the intensity of this. The melody on the repeated ‘ri-ri-rising’ is super sick. Dami as always could totally step on me.

After that we get ‘Shatter’. This is a super dope electronica meets punk track. What a sick combo, that mixed with their fantastic vocals and the killer chorus makes for a super cool track.

The closing track is ‘We are young’. We’re going for a progressive House moment. The lyrics speak about giving hope to young people that they can do anything. This is such a summer vibe! I dig this a lot and would love to hear this during a festival.

Overall Dreamcatcher delivered a great mini with ‘[VillainS]’. You can listen to it on Spotify here.

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