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[OffStage] Studio Choom

Studio Choom has become a staple item in K-pop, and all the fans expect high quality videos, amazing camera work, and killer sets and lighting with every single video released by this YouTube Channel.

However, Studio Choom is relatively new in the K-pop world, they emerged back in 2019, and today we want to share the beginnings of this channel, and how it became so popular when it comes to performance videos and trends.  

Let’s take a look back at the beginning of the YouTube Channel part of MNET. 

The Beginnings 

Studio Choom’s first dance performance featured the then-rookies of TomorrowXTogether (TXT) with ‘Cat & Dog’. This video was first published on the M2 channel, and it is an adorable throwback. 

With a strong start Studio Choom kept on bringing the biggest highlights of 2019 including CHUNG HA’s ‘Snapping’, Stray Kids’ party anthem ‘Side Effect’, CIX’s debut song ‘Movie Star’, ATEEZ’ ‘WONDERLAND’ and many more. 


From their first year running, Studio Choom did not only share dance performances, but they also created annual specials that included rookie groups, the highlights of the year, behind the scenes, and more. 

From 2020, they introduced the segment called ‘Artist Of The Month’, including a series of videos where each artist gets to share a few words, and perform a cover song. 

‘MIX & MAX’ is another very popular segment premiered in 2022. In these videos two artists from the same group give life to a performance inspired by singles of other artists.

In 2021, after the incredible popularity of the survival shows ‘Woman Street Fighter’, Studio Choom released a series of collaboration videos, featuring the crews that participated in the show, and even focus cams. 

Top Performances 

With so many performances by incredible idol groups, there is no surprise that most of the videos by Studio Choom pass the million views mark, however, a few of them have even passed the fifty million mark. 

In the top ten they have performances by TWICE, ITZY, TXT and STRAY KIDS, however, the most watched video belongs to the last one and their hit song from 2020: ‘God’s Menu’.

If you are up to diving into hours of performances and incredible camera work, check their YouTube Channel, and follow them on Instagram for updates on the latest performances and more. 

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