Photo credits: Suwon Yim

[Indie Pick] Suwon Yim

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re going jazzy with Suwon Yim. 

Suwon Yim is a jazz pianist who’s been releasing music since 2020 with the release of her debut EP ‘Hide and Seek’. She studied at Berklee College of Music with a full scholarship and has toured with Ray Brown Jr, who is the son of Ella Fitzgerald.

In her mini-album ‘Hide and Seek’ Suwon Yim combined jazz piano with children’s songs.

Her next album came out in 2021. ‘Caterpillar’ actually also uses her vocals.Rob Christian plays the flute intro which is so awesome.

The same year she also released the full-length album ‘When it Falls’.If you’re not listening to the Ensemble version of ‘Stranded’ then what are you doing?

The following year she released the full-length album ‘Escape from the Underplay’.

Her next EP came out in 2023. ‘To The Starfish’ is an adorable EP.

Since July Suwon Yim has been releasing pre-release singles for her upcoming album. Her single ‘Cesspool’ is so awesome. 

I’m very excited for her upcoming album! Beforehand, go ahead and listen to her full discography on her Spotify.

Go check out her personal YouTube channel here.