Photo credits: iME Korea

[Review] DreamNote – Secondary Page

The girls from DreamNote are back to deliver some bops with their single album ‘Secondary Page’. Let’s take a closer look!

Secondary Page

The girls start off with their title track ‘Lemonade’. This is such a fun, summery, cheerful track! I love it! The beat is solid as are the vocals. The rap verse is fun and well placed and honestly this just makes me really want to have some lemonade next to the pool.

‘Blue’ is the next track and was pre-released. Apart from the emotional whiplash I got from listening to this after ‘Lemonade’, this is an amazing track. This is a beautiful pop ballad with even prettier visuals. The vocals absolutely shine in this track and I really have to look at some live stages for the full effect.

We close off the single album with ‘Broken’ which is a very nice city pop track. This is such a nice vibe and a great way to close off the release. Also hello vocals in the bridge! Nice!

Listen to ‘Secondary Page’ by DreamNote here.

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