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[Review] Law School

For this week’s review we’re taking a look at the K-drama ‘Law School’. 

The JTBC K-drama ‘Law School’ aired in 2021 and is currently available on Netflix. ‘Law School’, as the name suggests, takes place in college where the students are studying law. 


It centers around a handful of students and the staff. One of their professors was murdered and it’s up to them and the police to prove their innocence or their guilt. 

Yang Jong-Hoon, portrayed by Kim Myung-Min who you might know from ‘The Miracle We Met’ or the film ‘Closer To Heaven’ is a very tough professor. His nickname ‘Yangcrates’, a combination of his last name and the philosopher Socrates, is a stern, but good professor. He doesn’t make life or his lectures easy on his students. He’s a former prosecutor who stepped down after he failed to prove the guilt of one of his co-workers; Seo Byung-Ju (Ahn Nae-Sang)

Seo Byung-Ju is the uncle of the student Han Joon-Hwi, played by Kim Beom who you’ll recognize from ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed’. The uncle is the person who gets murdered on campus during one of their mock trials.

Because of his complicated relationships with (a lot of) people, there’s plenty of blame going around. The police believe that Yang Jong-Hoon is the most credible murderer so it’s up to him and his students to prove his innocence. 


The story itself is a lot more complicated than that and it’s a very thrilling ride where you don’t know who’s innocent and who’s guilty. Though about halfway it gets to be quite obvious but by no means less thrilling. Because now you’re waiting for all the puzzle pieces to come together so that they can prove it without a doubt. 

There are other cases within the series that have to be resolved in court. I particularly enjoyed the plot for the case around the student Jeon Ye-Seul, played by Ko Yoon-Jung who was also in ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘The School Nurse Files’

I can’t go into too much depth because of spoilers, obviously. But her case of self-defence is a very interesting look at the concept of self-defence in the Korean law system. 

Another notable character is Kang Sol A, played by Ryoo Hye-Young who was in ‘Reply 1988’. With a rather complicated past, she’s a struggling student who’s just trying to pass her class and support her family. It felt like she was the one tying all the friends together and she helped where she could with her kindness and never-ending support. She’s a rather wholesome character that tries her hardest.


I genuinely enjoyed watching ‘Law School’. The character Yang Jong-Hoon likes doing puzzles in his spare time and I feel like it’s a very good comparison to the drama. Each puzzle piece fits together in the larger scheme and it’s people playing the long game that win in the end.

If you enjoy crime dramas, definitely give this one a shot. 

You can watch the trailer here.


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