Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

MV Rec: d.ear X Jaehyun – Try Again

Finally spring is upon us, and the little remains of the winter season are leaving. For this week’s MV rec we want to share a music video that is nostalgic and at the same time hopeful, fitting the feel of this transition season. Let’s talk about the 2017 collaboration of d.ear and NCT’s Jaehyun for the single ‘Try Again’.

With warm tones, beautiful camera work and breathtaking sets, ‘Try Again’ takes listeners on a visual experience where the main protagonist is the emotions and feelings of the lyrics of this single.

Most of the shots in this MV are closed shots that focus on the expressions of d.ear and Jaehyun, along with slow movements that accentuate the feelings. This story is packed in minimalist scenes that are only focused on the visual and the emotions. If you haven’t watched it yet, enjoy this beautiful piece below.  

Kathleen Herrera
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