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[Review] Kyuhyun – Restart

Kyuhyun is back with his new solo mini-album ‘Restart’. Let’s go check it out!


We start off with the track ‘Restart’. We’re turning off the alarm and starting with a new morning. The pop rock style suits him well and this is a pretty solid track.

Then comes the title track ‘The Story Behind’. We’re going for a rock based sound in this ballad. It creates a very warm sound and Kyuhyun’s vocals as always are lovely. The video is absolutely stunning.

‘Slow, Slowly’ comes up next. Kyuhyun goes for an emotional ballad accompanied by piano and violin and some rich synths. It’s an emotive track that has some 80s vibes to it with the synths.

Was it love’ follows that up with a classic ballad. The minimal instrumentation and the pure vocals let you feel the story of a lost love.

Next up is ‘Rainbow’. The start is pretty minimalistic but we’re getting a veritable orchestra when the violins join in. It creates that grand emotional – standing on the edge of a cliff feeling al your feels moment.

The Super Junior subunit K.R.Y. (Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun) teamed up for the single ‘Thanks to you’. This R&B ballad is a gift to the fans.

Go listen to ‘Restart’ by Kyuhyun on Spotify here.

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