Photo Credits: MNH Entertainment


8TURN returns with an air of confidence, unveiling a bold concept in their third mini-album, ‘STUNNING.’ Let’s delve into the musical landscape this group has crafted.


The mini-album commences with ‘THE GAME,’ a dynamic track infused with hip-hop beats, impactful drops, and impressive vocal layering. The well-executed tempo changes make it a compelling and robust opening song.

Taking center stage as the title track, ‘RU-PUM PUM‘ elevates the energy with its lively tempo and sharp lyric delivery. This track exudes vibrancy from start to finish, featuring captivating raps and an addictive hook. The accompanying music video showcases the members flaunting their urban styles through tight dance sequences and visually striking shots. Check it below.

NOM‘ emerges with the strumming of guitars, offering a unique and refreshing sound. The blending and layering in this single are distinct, with a subtle country touch that adds an intriguing dimension to the listening experience.

Transitioning to ‘WE HERE,’ the mini-album continues to captivate with its POP/ROCK tempo. This track presents a cheerful melody, skillfully balancing elements of rap, vocals, and harmonies.

Bringing the mini-album to a close is ‘GLOW,’ featuring a fabulous bossa nova-inspired beat. This single emanates chill vibes, with a groovy tempo that makes it an effortlessly enjoyable listen.

8TURN’s ‘STUNNING’ is a fantastic release, offering a diverse array of music that effortlessly combines vibey and chill elements. Check it here.

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