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[Review] Kim Jae Hwan – Change

Kim Jae Hwan is back with ‘Change’ which is his first release of 2021. Let’s dive straight in.


We start off with the song ‘Pray’ which hits off with a great start with a choir harmonizing. Kim Jae Hwan’s vocals are awesome and blend perfectly with the choir. Oof, I like this one a lot. I really enjoyed how they played with the ebb and flow of the instrumentation. 

Next up is the title track ‘I Wouldn’t Look For You’. This is so dope. The Latin guitar with his vocals are so cool. The way they used the brass samples as a driving force for the beat was super fun and I’m here for it. The music video is hella dramatic but I dig it.

We’re going into Ballad town with ‘Without You’ featuring HYNN. It’s a lovely break-up song with a beautiful piano line, sweeping violins and some utterly fabulous vocals. 

After that we get ‘Blue Moon’ with some smooth R&B. I really dig the instrumentation. The layering is really well done and it makes for a very easy-listening experience. 

Next up

‘My Flower’ follows that up with a dance pop vibe. It begs for a party with friends around a campfire on the beach. It’s happy, a shot of serotonin and packs enough of a punch to beg for a couple of repeats. Jae Hwan’s high pitch in some parts was really fun to listen to.

Next up is ‘Get Antsy’. The groovy guitar intro had me already hooked and this mid-tempo R&B track is absolutely lovely. They used some fun samples that’ll have you vibe to it in no time.

‘Lululala’ introduces us to a little bit of bossa nova with that hella cool saxophone. It’s fun and it’ll make you dance in your bedroom. It’s a lot of fun! This is going straight into my playlist!

We close off the album with ‘Letter to you’. It’s acapella R&B that just lets his vocals shine so much. It’s so smooth!

‘Change’ by Kim Jae Hwan is such a fun and interesting album to listen to. You can find it on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.