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[Review] Kep1er – Magic Hour

Kep1er is back with new music in their fifth mini-album ‘Magic Hour‘, for this release we are getting five new singles and a couple of surprises. The concepts pictures looked absolutely stunning and we ar looking forward to see what this very talented group prepared. Let’s dive in!

Magic Hour

Opening this track ‘Galileo‘, is the title song for this release, for this single Kep1er goes funky and groovy, with an up-beat track, packed in harmonies, and excellent vocals. The music video is absolutely adorable, with a very delicate and feminine concept, that is still super cool and full of power. The dance sequences are cool and super clean. Watch it below.

With ‘The Door‘, they go off with a fantastic arrangement, with a a great synth line, and smooth back vocals. this single is a lot more R&B-Pop driven, and the style suit their vibe flawlessly. Definitely a top tier b-side.

This group goes to the next level of musical smoothness with ‘Love on Lock‘, and its super dope electro R&B tempo. The rapping section in this song is super cool, and the full rhythm and tempo for the hook very catchy, this single gets even better with the little instrumental additions and the great singing.

For this mini-album, Kep1er is surprising fans with 2 sub-units. The first one for ‘Tropical Light‘, sung by Yujin, Xiaoting, Youngeun and Yeseo. This single is all about charming vocals with a chill vibes and a great arrangement, that indeed feels tropical and laid back.

For the last song, we get the second sub-unit for the single ‘TAPE‘, sung by Mashiro, Chaeyoun, Dayeon, Hikaro and Huening Hahiyyih. This one plays off and a soft R&B tempo and a touch of jazz, the instrumentation is peak perfection, and the harmonies the cherry on top.

Kep1er’s 5th mini-album is an amazing listen, this group keeps releasing awesome music to captivate fans. Listen to this release here.

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