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[Review] LUNARSOLAR – SOLAR: rise

LUNARSOLAR is back with their first comeback since they debuted last September. ‘SOLAR: rise’ is the title of their second single album including the tracks ‘DADADA’, ‘BOM BI DI BOM’, ‘Lonely’ and the intrumental versions of these three tracks.

Let’s check the songs!

SOLAR: rise

DADADA‘ is the title track of this release, this song is a total bop with a very catchy hook. It has really cool rapping and bubbly vocals. This song is a happy tune to lift the spirits.

The music video is as cool and fun as the track, the members legit look like they were having fun while filming this MV. Its storyline is basically a house-party with your besties. Super wholesome, watch it below.

Latin pop vibes are present in ‘BOM BI DI BOM‘, as its predecessor this song’s hook is catchy. I loved the build-up in the track and the beat drop just before the chorus. It is definitely a track to add to you hype-up playlist.

The last regular track in this release is ‘Lonely‘, this mid tempo song mixes EDM with some latin inspired instrumentation. The vocals of the members were awesome in this track, the harmonization was super smooth. Eseo was involved in the writing of this song.

The last three tracks in this single album are the instrumental versions of the previous three songs.

Make sure to check out LUNARSOLAR’s debut single here, and listen to this release on their Spotify profile.

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