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[Review] KAI – Peaches

KAI is back with his second mini-album ‘Peaches‘, after his self-titled solo debut, fans were looking forwards for KAI’s next solo project. The teaser for this EP looked absolutely stunning, and we are expecting striking visuals and a lot of smooth dancing.

Let’s dive into this release and what KAI has prepared for his fans.


Starting off with a very charming melody, the title track ‘Peaches‘ begins, this song has a rather sensual R&B style mixed with bass. KAI’s vocals are sexy and airy. I loved his ad-libs in this song, and how smooth the song is.

For the music video we get a lovely mix of ‘past meets present’ in modern outfits inspired by the Joseon era. The playfulness and sexiness of this MV is unreal. KAI’s visuals are stunning and the sets are absolutely beautiful. The choreography as always is clean and trendy and has a touch of sensuality. Check it below.

We go onto ‘Vanilla‘, this song includes a very interesting an unusual bongo instrumentation that was very refreshing. The vocal layering in the song is fascinating and gives the track an indie vibe I really enjoyed. This song was an unexpected addition to this mini-album.

Next up

Heavy bass takes over in ‘Domino‘, KAI’s vocals go back and forth between a very deep and low tone and his usual singing. This mix really felt as if two different people were singing. This song is out there in creativity and I really like how cool and chill its structure is.

Come In‘ takes over with a trendy sound including bass and synth. This track flows effortlessly and it is a very chill listen, the little pauses were fun and KAI killed it with his vocals.

We go onto ‘To Be Honest‘ with a lovely pop-R&B mix and a very cool rhythmic riff that is present throughout the full song.

Closing this EP we get ‘Blue‘, this song mixes lo-fi beats with piano instrumentation and it is a dreamy mix. This song is super soft and KAI’s vocals are super cool in this song. It is definitely a solid ending track that mixes the R&B and pop style present throughout this mini-album.

KAI did it again and surprised us with a lovely and well done EP. I really enjoy its rather chill and calm style and how smoothly this release flows from start to finish.

You can listen to this EP here.

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