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[Review] KAI – KAI

The wait is over, EXO’s Kai just dropped his solo debut EP ‘KAI’. The teasers for this release have been insane, they all looked spectacular, and we are hyped up to listen to what surprises this EP is going to have.

If you want to watch the masterpiece the album samples is, check out the video here.

Let’s dive into the music.


Mmmh’ is the title track of this EP, this track has a certain sensuality in it that took me by surprise. Its R&B tempo goes extremely well with Kai’s vocals, and it is smooth from start to end, a fantastic title track with an alluring music video. check it below. 

Next we get ‘Nothing On Me’, bass dominates this track, giving it an alternative house music vibe that I absolutely dig. The touch of R&B comes with Kai’s vocal delivery and I loved how these two elements blended. This song composition is very unique and unexpected, a fantastic listen.

R&B and EDM mix flawlessly in ‘Amnesia’, this track is groovy and mellow. It’s a very easy listen with a sentimental tone that suits KAI’s style, the emotional delivery is there and I really liked how it was transmitted in this song’s layering and composition. 

Heavy bass takes over in ‘Reason’ with an alternative sound that definitely took me by surprise. “Progressive R&B” is how MELON describes this track and I can totally see how the EDM track with bass and KAI’s vocals landed this description, it is indeed progressive and also one of a kind. 

Ride Or Die’ plays next, this track was composed by AOMG/H1GHR Music producer CHA CHA Malone, and what a piece. This song has an amazing instrumentation and beautiful delivery with its upbeat inspired R&B track. I had never heard something like it and I was amazed. Legends!

Last on this release we have ‘Hello Stranger’, an upbeat track with a mysterious vibe and a fantastic instrumentation. I loved how instrumentals and EDM blended in this track, a great end for an amazing album.

Overall, this solo debut was everything I expected and more, I personally felt that it gave justice to the image Kai has as an artist, mysterious, talented, charming and unique. 
You can listen to this EP here.

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