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[Review] Hellbound

We’re back with a new K-drama review, this time about the Netflix hit ‘Hellbound’. This new drama kicked ‘Squid Game’ off its place as the most viewed Korean drama on the streaming service. 

The script of ‘Hellbound’ was written by Choi Kyu-sok. It was based on the WebToon ‘Hellbound’ created by Yeon Sang-ho and illustrated by Kyu-sok. Yeon Sang-ho  ended up directing the series. He is the director of popular films like ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘Psychokinesis’.


The Netflix series has six episodes and sort of has two chapters to it. 

Strange creatures are starting to come to earth to kill people who have received the prophecy of their death. It is very frightening and the prophecy tells the person they are ‘bound for hell’. 

Police officer Jin Kyung-Hoon portrayed by Yang Ik-June is seen in the first chapter. He is part of the investigation team that has to ‘catch’ the creatures that murdered someone in the middle of a busy street. He is still reeling from the murder of his wife, trying to find connection with his teenage daughter. 

Everyone is grappling and now knowing what to believe. That is when people turn to the head of the New Truth, a new religion that has been speaking about these creatures and death prophecies for a decade. It’s kind of like a new branch of catholicism. The leader is Jung Jin-Soo played by the great Yoo Ah-In who we wrote about in ‘Voice of Silence‘. 

Lawyer Min Hey-Jin, played by Kim Hyun-Joo, does not trust the new religion as it’s a breeding ground for extremism. She sees these prophecies not as an act of God, but as a new natural disaster. Something you have no influence over. 

Chapter 2

We meet all these characters in the first chapter. The second chapter revolves around the parents Bae Young-Jae and Song So-Hyun. They just had a newborn and mom Song So-Hyun is there when the baby receives the death prophecy. 

Song So Hyun, played by Won Jin-A, seeks help from the New Truth. They of course, don’t like that since it doesn’t fit their doctrine. Her husband Bae Young-Jae portrayed by Park Jung-Min goes to an organization called SODO. The company protects people who’ve received the prophecy so that they can hide their death and their family doesn’t have to live in shame since they died from being a ‘sinner’.


I think the series could have benefitted from more episodes, but it’s a perfect set-up for a second season. I feel like the pacing could have been slightly better, because it felt slow and fast at the same time. The acting was splending. 

I did enjoy how gritty the series showed how people try to find meaning in events. It’s something that we have done for centuries. Before science, we thought thunder and lightning was an act of God to show he was upset. It’s quite sad how fast people turn on each other. 

I will definitely be watching any new seasons, because I want to learn more about the world and the creatures. 

You can watch the trailer below. 

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