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[Review] Kep1er – LOVESTRUCK!

The girls from Kep1er are back with their fourth mini-album ‘LOVESTRUCK!’. Let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the title track ‘Giddy’. This is a super fun, cute pop track with a very funky beat. I like how catchy this and how effortless the vocals feel.

Can we just take a moment to talk about that last ‘Attack on Titan’ inspired shot? Crazy!

‘LVLY’ is up next. The transitions between verses and genres are kind of crazy, but I’m here for it. Genre wise there’s so much happening, but it kind of flows effortlessly which I really like.

Following that is ‘Back to the city’. I’m obsessed with this track. It’s this high energy feel that just works for Kep1er 100%. I love it!

‘Why’ is a more laidback vibe. This feels a bit like a 90s girl group track and I’m totally here for it. The retro synths and soundbits they added are really fun and I’m really digging this a lot!

The closing track is ‘Happy Ending’. I was expecting a ballad, but this has still enough oomph to it that it doesn’t really count as that. It’s jazzy, has a lovely instrumentation and enough groove to keep the blues away. I thoroughly enjoyed this track.

Overall ‘LOVESTRUCK!’ by Kep1er is a really fun mini-album. Go listen to it here.

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