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ITZY is back with new music and we are very excited to listen to what they have prepared this time.

Since their debut, Lia, Yeji, Ryujin, Chaereyong and Yuna have shown many different sides and music styles. They can pull off any concept and totally shine with each one. ‘KILL MY DOUBT‘ has been filled with surprises, including two pre-release singles.

Let’s listen to this mini-album.


Opening this mini-album is the pre-release single ‘BET ON ME‘ with a mix of EDM and R&B. This single shows the musical growth of ITZY, their vocals, delivery, feel in this single feel a lot more mature, emotional and impactful.

The title track ‘CAKE‘ comes up next to completely change the vibes with a fun hyper pop single, a catchy hook, and a rhythm that will have many jamming to it. For the music video we get nothing but colourful sets, their usual flawless performance, and ethereal visuals for every mood. ITZY at its best. Watch it below.

The second pre-release single ‘None of My Business‘ continues on with the very distinctive EDM arrangement of the summer season, but in a surprising twist, they make this single a lot more emotional with their vocals, harmonies and constant ad-libs. Ryujin rapping is super cool in this single, the change of tone for the bridge was fun, unexpected and unique.

Bratty‘ follows up a very cool and unique arrangement, this single feels playful, powerful and full of character. The members really stand out throughout this single and it is definitely an interesting listen.

We go high in energy in ‘Psychic Lover‘ and its bright pop sound, and lovely melody line, with this song ITZY expand their discography even more, with a groovy pop song with a lot of personality.

Closing this single is ‘Killer Shot‘, and what an ending track! Dor this single they go edgy with an amazing composition and rather dark tone. This song could have been an incredible title track, it is catchy, impactful and with a vibe and sound we have not seen from them before.

KILL MY DOUBT‘ is one of ITZY’s finest album, there is a lot of sound diversity, and styles. Listen to this release here.

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