[Review] INFINITE – 13egin

K-POP legends INFINITE got together to celebrate their 13th anniversary with their 7th mini-album ‘13egin‘. After 5 years they are finally together as a group to “evoke new emotions along with a new beginning”.

Let’s listen to the music, and dive into the music power of this second gen group.


Intro: 13‘ begins this mini-album with a very dramatic and mysterious piano instrumental that builds up a momentum and transitions smoothly into EDM beats. A solid start.

The title track ‘New Emotions‘ follows up with an amazing chord progression, layering and mixing. INFINITE did not come to play, this single is sexy, fun and packed in charisma and impressive singing. Listeners are definitely in for a great surprise with this track. For the music video they go off with not only amazing visuals but also a clean, groovy, and visually appealing performance. Watch it below.

In ‘Time Difference‘ they get even more experimental with a synth line and unexpected instrumental additions. However, our personal highlights are the vocal layering in this song, and the soft groove that hits with every single hook.

I Got You‘ follows, and for this one they go more seasonal, with refreshing beats, synth and even violin instrumentals. This song is a total summer bop, and it only gets dreamier with the bridge and its outro.

Second to last in this release is ‘Find Me’, a medium-tempo pop ballad with electronic elements and magical harmonies, the vocals in this song are incredible, full of power and emotions. Last on this release is the instrumental version of the title track.

INFINITE delivered an amazing comeback that indeed celebrates their 13th anniversary and shows off their talent and experience.

Listen to this release here.