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[Review] ITZY – Crazy in Love

The girls from ITZY are back with their first full-length album ‘Crazy in Love’. Let’s dive right in!

Crazy in Love

We start off with the new title track ‘LOCO’. This is such a sick title track. The amount of power behind every beat is awesome and I am in love with the visuals in the music video. The chorus is a total ear worm and I like how they added more musical elements to it, rather than just vibing with the beat.

Next up is ‘SWIPE’. Sadly this has nothing to do with ‘Dora the explorer’, I thought that would have been hilarious. ‘SWIPE’ is a hip-hop based song that tells the story of boundaries in a toxic relationship. I really dig the distorted vocal sample in the backing track. This entire track feels like powerful women who know their worth and I love it.

‘Sooo Lucky’ follows that with a cuter vibe. It’s a fun pop track with fresh, teenage energy. It’s super catchy and a lovely listen. I like the repetitions in the lyrics as it adds to the young, innocent charm. Honestly, I’m intrigued to see them perform this.

Next up is ‘#Twenty’ and we’re going vogueing. This brings us back to the powerful women. The beat is super sick and it’s super fast paced. The pre-chorus feels a bit out of left field, but it does make for a very dynamic listen. Check out the translated lyrics here.

‘B[OO]M-BOXX’ is a dope track that has a very high paced energy and beat. It’s the kind of song you go crazy on on the dancefloor. The bridge gives us some time to breathe as the chorus has you completely absorbed.

Next up

We follow that up with ‘Gas Me Up’. It’s interesting how they used a slower, lazy style rap style. I’d actually love to see this love, because I need to see the sass and the way they carry themselves. I’m not a super fan of the bridge, I wish they had approached that a little differently.

‘LOVE is’ brings back the poppy ITZY. It’s a nice change of pace after the last couple of intense tracks. This makes for a very easy-listening experience. It’s airy, light and the vocals are nicely layered.

We’re on track 8 with ‘Chillin’ Chillin”. This is a lovely pop track with a cool build-up towards the chorus. When the rap comes in, it’s well-placed and well-balanced. I dig this one a lot. It feels very cohesive and the bridge is lovely!

Next up is ‘Mirror’. This pop ballad is really, really nice. We’re getting a more toned down instrumental and it allows us to pay closer attention to the vocals. Honestly, I love this.

We follow that up with the English version of ‘LOCO’ and the instrumental versions of ‘DALLA DALLA’, ‘ICY’, ‘WANNABE‘, ‘Not Shy‘, ‘IN THE MORNING’ and ‘LOCO’.

Overall, ‘Crazy in Love’ by ITZY is a really solid first full-length album. It’s well-balanced and has a variety of sounds and vibes that shows their various strengths. You can find the album on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.