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[Offstage] Kim Ga Ram

In this week’s Offstage we are sharing the career of a director that has worked her way up to become the icon she is now. Let’s dive into Kim Ga Ram’s career. 


Kim Ga Ram began her career in 1998 as a scriptor for the production ‘Birdcage Inn’, followed in 2001 by the production ‘A Day’.

In 2004, she was involved in the movie ‘Don’t Believe Her’, followed by her first job as an Assistant Director for the 2007 film ‘Venus and Mars’.

Her second job as an Assistant director was for the production ‘PaPa’ in 2012, this film has a lot of cultural diversity and it is definitely a one of a kind comedy. Check the trailer below.

Into the Drama World 

Ga Ram debuted as a director in 2013 with the drama ‘Thorn Flower’, a rather dark melodrama with an interesting plot. 

Her next job as a director was for the drama ‘The Vampire Detective’ in 2016. Check the trailer below.

In 2018, she directed the drama ‘Devilish Charm’, and this production was followed by her most recent work ‘Nevertheless’ in 2021. 

Kim Ga Ram is a director with a very diverse filmography, her works have a great diversity of genres and unique stories. We hope to see more of her works, they are definitely one of a kind. 

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