Photo Credits: n.CH Entertainment

n.SSign debuts with ‘Higher’

n.SSign has officially begun their career journey with the single ‘Higher‘. This group under n.CH Entertainment has done a great job teasing their debut, they currently have not only a couple of OSTs but also three pre-debut releases.

Consisting of KazutaHyun, Eddie, Doha, Sungyun, JunhyeokRobin, HanjunLaurence, and Huiwo, n.SSign will release the rest of the single next week, so stay tuned for that review.

Higher‘ is a single with a rather emotional feel, and passionate singing from start to end. The members vocal tones and delivery is incredible, they go deep in emotions and deliver a song that will make you have goosebumps.

As the song, the music video also goes deep into connecting with viewers, with great cinematography, visual effect, warm-hearted storytelling, and a very cool ending scene. Watch it below.

Stay tuned for their full release, and in the meanwhile, listen to this single here.

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