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[Review] Heize – Undo

Our R&B queen Heize is back with her new album ‘Undo’. We’ve been really looking forward to this release as Heize never disappoints. Let’s dive right in to discover the new bops.


We start off with the title track ‘Undo’. This is a sad disco song. Her vocals suit this type of track super well. It’s a lovely listen and I really enjoyed the happy-sounding instrumentals. If I hadn’t been able to read the lyrics, I wouldn’t have guessed it to be so sad.

Next up is ‘Sad Ending’ featuring George. I like the Bossa Nova inspired instrumentals. George brings a lovely soft verse. I was expecting him to bring a more rap inspired verse, but honestly I don’t mind. Their harmonies are SO nice.

After that we get ‘I Don’t Lie’ featuring Giriboy. The bass in this track kind of pops off. Giriboy’s low ass voice comes out nowhere and had me do a doubletake. Giriboy does a great job in bringing some tension to the track. I love this. The little outro section was such a nice touch.

Minnie from (G)I-DLE features on the next track ‘Thief’. The flute section?! I’m obsessed! The combination of Minnie and Heize is really cool! I love the female synergy on this track. I’m really hoping they release a live video of the two of them together.

Next up

Following that we get ‘Distance’ featuring I.M of Monsta X. This is a cool R&B track with a smooth beat and a very interesting distortion on one of the samples. I.M did great on his verse and I like how well their tones work together.

‘Love is Alone’ is a smooth R&B ballad and really falls within her style. The vocal layering is absolutely lovely. This is such a mesmerizing track. It’s perfect to dream away to.

Next up is ‘Real Love’. This is giving me Disney Princess vibes. The piano with the strings really create an intense, ethereal listening experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this track and even got a bit emotional.

‘SUPERCAR’ starts with nice acoustic guitars with a bit of twang to it. I love the energy and emotion in the track. The bridge is beyond words. I love it.

After that comes ‘Traveler‘. We’re getting some rap Heize back. It’s a great listen, I wish it was as tad longer. The twinkly background instrumental is cool.

The closing track is ‘About Time’ which gives us a jazzy piano outro.

Overall, Heize did another wonderful job with ‘Undo’. This is such a lovely album and while being true to her style, sitll hosts a variety of beats and sounds. I’m very impressed.

Go ahead and listen to the album on Spotify here.

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