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[Review] Giuk – Rise Waves

Giuk from ONEWE is back with his second mini-album ‘Rise Waves’. Let’s take a closer look!

Rise Waves

We start off with the intro ‘Intro: Foreverest’ which is a very cute opener. We enter this new mythical story with plucky violins and twinkling synths.

Next up is ‘Scratch’. This title track goes for an alternative rock sound with a darker tone and some amazing guitar work. It’s really well layered and makes for a great listening experience.

Next up is ‘Block123’ featuring none other than Moon Byul. This is another rock track but with a lot of hip hop elements. It’s a cool moment and I really enjoyed the collab. The vocal harmonies in the bridge and the outro were awesome.

‘Overtake’ is next and I’m digging this beat. It’s groovy and has a super cool chorus. It’s a bit more EDM than what we’ve heard so far and there’s some really fun synths in the instrumentation.

After that we get ‘Happy or Not?’ featuring RARE and Gray Dot. We’re going back to a more Hip Hop heavy track with spitfire rapping and lyrics about people looking for their happiness.

Penrose Stairs’ has the artists YongYong and Leedo from ONEUS as features. There’s some really sick guitars in the instrumentation. The guitar solo was absolutely dope as hell. The features were really cool!

Next up is ‘My Blue’. This is a very cool track with a very spacious ambience due to the autotune added. The bridge is such a dope moment.

We close off with ‘Outro: Dresden’. I really enjoyed the dramatic piano and the orchestral vibe to the track.

You can find ‘Rise Waves’ by Giuk on Spotify here.

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