[Review] (G)I-DLE in Brussels

(G)I-DLE is on their ‘I Am Free-ty’ tour and they’re touring through Europe for their first time. Brussels took its turn last week on Saturday. We were at Vorst Nationaal and enjoyed a splendid night. Here’s our (late) review of the night!

I Am Free-ty

They started the night with a performance of ‘DUMDI DUMDI’. This was a super fun moment and hyped up the crowd with its summer festival vibe.

After that they immediately started performing ‘LATATA‘. This really had crowds screaming along the chorus. Everyone was so into it, it was awesome to be there.

The sang ‘$$$‘ and ‘Never Stop Me‘ before greeting the audiences. All of the members said hi and I really loved how the audience cheered on every member.

‘Allergy’, ‘Uh Oh’ and ‘Queencard’ were the next two songs and I’d be surprised if the entire city couldn’t hear that (G)I-DLE was in town!

Solo Stages

After a VCR we got all of the member performing solo tracks and it was absolutely amazing.

Miyeon performed her solo song ‘Drive’ from her mini-album ‘MY‘. She looked and sounded like a fairy.

miyeon performing Drive

After that Minnie performed the (G)I-DLE song ‘Dahlia‘ which is one of my personal favorites.

Soyeon gave us a dope performance of ‘Psycho‘ from her solo release ‘Windy’. She absolutely nailed the sexy dracula rock concept.

Shuhua absolutely killed the performance of her dance cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Boys’.

Yuqi brought some country to the stage with her solo ‘Could it be’. It was absolutely adorable and she even arranged a sing along moment. I was blown away by her stage presence.

After a very cute VCR we got to see some killer performances. They gave us ‘NXDE‘, ‘Lucid‘, ‘Put it straight’ (Nightmare version) from ‘Queendom‘ and ‘All Night’.

When they started performing ‘The Baddest/Pop stars‘ from KDA, everyone went wild.

The crowd lost their minds even more when we got to see the super viral ‘My Bag’ and ‘TOMBOY’.

That concluded the show, but not before we got a whopping three encore songs.

As a special gift they sang ‘I’m the trend’, ‘LION’ and ‘I Do‘.

It was a fantastic night that Neverland will never forget. The crowds were amazing and really welcomed the girls. The energy and the stages were super hyped up and I’m sure we left a good impression so they’ll visit Brussels again.

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