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[Review] NMIXX – expérgo

The girls of NMIXX are back with their very first mini-album. Since their debut this group under JYP Entertainment, has shown nothing but amazing vocals, power dancing and incredible talent.

Just with the a cappella preview we were already excited for this release, and just last week they dropped the pre-release single ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’. We are beyond excited for this mini, let’s get right into it and listen to the music they have prepared.


The pre-release single ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ starts off this EP a very funny and familiar sound. Mixing a children’s song with hip-hop beats and the NMIXX factor was an amazing move from them. This single shows the carefree, powerful and youthful energy of this group, and this just gets better with their MV. Check it below.

The title track ‘Love Me Like This‘ follows up with a very bouncy rapping, R&B vibes and a catchy rhythm. The vocals in this song are lovely, their power harmonies, high notes and rap are fantastic. This single has a somewhat familiar sound that at the same time is super fresh, and what is best about it is that single member shines in this track.

The music video gives viewers a lovely performance with plenty of flow and powerful swag. The members look super good and cool, and I really like how each one had their little spotlight moment in this production. Watch it below.

Acappella singing and smooth harmonies take over in ‘PAXXWORD‘. For this single NMIXX shows off their wide vocal range and a rather funky rhythm. Just get ready to jamm and vibe along with this song.

Just Did It‘ takes over next with a fantastic composition and an intriguing flow. The mixing of this song is full of little surprises, beat drops, and a lot of attitude. Moving on is ‘My Gosh‘ bringing the soft pop element into this EP. The synth in this single is absolutely lovely, and the vocals super dreamy. The acoustics in this song are just beautiful and make it extra wholesome.

Last on this EP is the single ‘HOME‘, closing off NMIXX’s first EP on a very bold note with groove, a killer base line, rhythmic rapping, and an amazing attitude. The tone in this song screams confidence and we are here for it.

NMIXX did an incredible job with their first mini-album ‘Expérgo’. This release is powerful, fun and cool, and at the same time, sensible and cute. Make sure to check it out here.

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