Photo Credits: JellyFish Entertainment

[Review] EVNNE – Un : SEEN

Rising stars EVNNE make a powerful return with their second EP, ‘Un:SEEN.’ Having debuted just last September as a project group, this talented ensemble features familiar faces from the popular survival show Boys Planet. The anticipation is high as we explore the music they have prepared for this release. Let’s dive in!


The EP kicks off with the title track ‘UGLY,’ promising anthems from the start. The rapping line impresses with fantastic verses, while the vocal line surprises with an angsty delivery. The beat drops during the hook is fantastic, creating a vibe that had us fully immersed. The bridge and high notes elevate the track even further.

The accompanying music video for ‘UGLY’ took us by surprise with its dynamic dance sequences and impressive effects. Exceptional camera work captures each member’s shining moments. Watch it below.

SYRUP‘ follows, introducing an unexpected mix of afrobeats and a hip-hop-driven core. The song stands out with its intricate layering and fantastic mixing. The sectioning is exceptionally well-done, making each pre-chorus a thrilling experience. Truly legendary!

Next up is ‘KO (Keep On),’ bringing hyper-pop to the forefront. This track offers a total listening experience that invites you to hit the dance floor. Its smoothness and cool vibes make it an absolute bop.

Chase‘ takes a turn with its alternative arrangement and insane vocal layering. The song, while super alternative, is incredibly well put together. The transitions and sectioning are expertly crafted, creating a solid listening experience.

Closing the EP is ‘Festa,’ featuring a synth-pop tempo. This fun and cool single includes fantastic tunes that infuse brightness and charm. Its positive vibe resonates throughout, making it a standout track that we thoroughly enjoyed.

EVNNE’s second mini-album is a masterpiece, offering something for everyone and maintaining a fun and charming atmosphere from start to finish. Don’t miss out—check it out here.