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[Review] Cicadas

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched the 2022 film ‘Cicadas’.

The drama film was written and directed by Lee Chung Ryoul who started his career in documentary filmmaking.

‘Cicadas’ tells the story of a father and a daughter. The father Doek Bae, portrayed by Lee Yang Hee, is a master of Jindo Dasiraegi. That’s a traditional funeral play. He wants to be a living treasure of the art.

The daughter Soo Nam, portrayed by Joo Bo Bi, is a singer and a mother. She’s also deeply traumatized by her mother’s suicide and when she was finally old enough, she left her hometown.

She comes back after a string of bad luck, together with her daughter. It’s a rough go as there are a lot of things left unsaid and memories are different to the both of them.

‘Cicadas’ definitely tells an interesting story and I feel you can discern the documentary touch in the film’s cinematography. There are a lot of touching moments and beautiful scenes but there’s also a lot of story pushed into its two-hour run. That’s why sometimes it feels a bit messy, and the dialogue a bit abrupt.

Watch the trailer below.

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