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[Review] EPEX – Sohwa (韶華) Chapter 1: Youth

The boys from EPEX are back with their first full-length album ‘Sohwa (韶華) Chapter 1: Youth’. Let’s take a closer look!

Sohwa (韶華) Chapter 1: Youth

We start off with ‘KILLSHOT’ which immediately sets us up with a hard groove and a sick beat. This hybrid rock track sends the message of: “getting rid of everything that oppresses you and prevents you from being fully yourself.” I really enjoyed the balance of the softer hamonies with the sick guitars.

‘Breathe in love’ comes up next. We’re going for dreamy synths with a cool rock beat. The pre-chorus is lovely and an even better chorus follows that. What a cool track!

‘Painkillers’ brings it down a bit with a softer, more acoustic pop ballad. I thoroughly enjoyed the vocals and the soft beat. I would love to hear a fully acoustic version of this because their vocals really shine in this.

Next up is the title track ‘Youth2Youth’. What a powerful track! The vocal layering with the chorus is definitely a highlight and the lyrics are beautiful and inspiring. Honestly this is a 10/10! Let your heart soar while listening to this.

‘Dominate’ comes up next. This is a track by the Rap unit and is accompanied by a Latin inspired guitar riff. The rap verses were well done and I really enjoyed the progression of the full track.

After that comes ‘Lay Up’. We’re getting more groove and a Boom Bap style beat. I like how laidback this was and the chorus is catchy as hell!

‘My Secret’ is a track by the vocal unit. This is an R&B ballad with an emotional synth and acoustic guitars.

The closing track is ‘My Graduation’ which was pre-released two months ago.

Overall, ‘Sohwa (韶華) Chapter 1: Youth’ by EPEX is a very solid album.

Go ahead an listen to it here on Spotify.

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