Photo Credits: BELIFT LAB Inc


The boys from ENHYPEN are back with their very first repackage album ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER‘. This release includes all the tracks from their previous release ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA‘ and the three new tracks ‘Blessed-Cursed’, ‘Polaroid Love’ and ‘Outro: Day 2’.

This repackage album starts off with the title track ‘Blessed-Cursed‘, and with this single ENHYPEN takes an interesting musical approach that mixes hip-hop beats and a rock based instrumentation. This single has a bit of a throwback feel that was unexpected but very fun to listen to.

For the music video the members embrace the throwback concept with a touch of modern camera work. Some of the takes really reminded me of music videos by 1st gen idols and I really liked how well they pulled off the concept. Watch the music video below.

Polaroid Love‘ follows up with and heart fluttering R&B/Pop mix that is just super sweet to listen to. This song is super soft and an easy listen. The vocals of the members flow effortlessly and I love the full structure and musicality in this single.

Closing off this repackage album we get the ambient song ‘Outro: Day 2‘. It has a rock based instrumentation and some very cool storytelling by Jake.

Make sure to listen to ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER’ by ENHYPEN here.

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