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ENHYPEN is back with their first regular album and a brand new series. ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA‘ is the start of this new era and in this plot the boys will have to face “a more complex world” becoming a “dilemma” for themselves and their desires.

We have to mention that from their beginning, ENHYPEN’s concept has brought very interesting storylines and visuals, let’s see how this one develops.

For now, let’s listen to this release.


Intro : Whiteout’ as it is suggested works as an introduction for this release with an electronic music arrangement and a voice-over welcoming listeners to this new era. We go straight away into the title song ‘Tamed-Dashed‘ with a synth and guitar driven track.

The song itself is catchy and the vocals good. This single is definitely an easy listen and it doesn’t go off as strong as their previous title tracks. Nevertheless, with this new era they are also welcoming new sounds and style, and this single is the perfect starting point.

The music video’s concept feels like a transition from their previous concept to the new one. The members enter a new dimension with serious frat vibes, check it below.

Electro funk comes along in ‘Upper Side Dreamin’‘ and I Ioved the vocals in this single. The groove of this track is unreal, and had me jamming to it from the start.

The acoustic single ‘Just A Little Bit‘ is next. This song is all about stunning singing and emotions. This track is a follow up of the singles ’10 Months’ and ‘Not For Sale’ from the BORDER series, narrating the several stages of discovering new feelings and embracing them.

New story, new music

On a drastic change of vibe we get ‘Go Big or Go Home‘. This song is a total party jam, its disco and EDM mix is fantastic, and also perfect for clubbing.

Featuring TXT’s Yeonjun we get ‘Blockbuster‘, this track starts off with a pop/rock angst style, and transitions to a more EDM/rock hybrid. It is definitely one of a kind and I loved what they did with this track, it’s edgy, fun and unique.

Attention, please!‘ follows up with a punk/pop style that is a massive throwback to the 90s, the electric guitar addition was REALLY GOOD, and had me super shook! This single is fantastic from start to end.

Last on this release is ‘Interlude: Question‘, this outro has a very cool bass/EDM arrangement and the voice over is super cool. My favourite phrase of the full lot was “(…)but at the I didn’t learn a thing (…)”, funny and relatable.

ENHYPEN is really going off with this new era, and I really enjoyed the mix of genres in this album. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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