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[Review] Kim Yo Han – Illusion

WEi‘s Kim Yo Han dropped his first solo mini-album ‘Illusion‘. It’s been over a year since his last solo release and fans were looking forward to see the solo work of this all-rounder artist. For this release he participated in the writing of three of the five tracks, and we are expecting bop after bop.

Let’s dive into the music in this EP.


We start off with the title track ‘DESSERT‘ and we go straight into a funky beat with a very cool deep bass addition. For this song we get to listen Yo Han’s vocals in a diverse range, from falsettos to rapping to mellow vocals. He goes off and shows his incredible talent and made this title track very impressive and impactful.

For the music video, he is out there serving visuals with stunning styling and beautiful sets that make him look even more dreamy. I loved the camera work and the angles used in this production, the choreography is sexy but also super fun. Check this music video below.

SELFISH‘ comes along with a rather dark and mysterious style. The synth used throughout this song was a very interesting addition and together with the piano instrumentation. This song becomes a rather interesting and a somewhat emotional listen.

Killing rap verses take over in ‘BAD‘. Get ready for a very dope listen with a bass riff and a fantastic beat. This song is a super cool listen and I really enjoyed the balance between vocals and rapping.

Landing on You‘ follows that up. I am seriously in love with the playfulness of this song. The changes in beats and the lyrical flow is super fun to listen to and will have you jamming to this track.

Closing this mini-album we get the very sweet single ‘STAR‘. This song is all about beautiful vocals and instrumentation, it is a very soft listen and the perfect way to end this release.

Kim Yo Han did a wonderful job with this EP. Fans got a variety of genres and it is very well produced and balanced. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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