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[Review] DRIPPIN – Beautiful MAZE

DRIPPIN is back with new music in their fourth single album ‘Beautiful MAZE‘. This group is known for keeping their music interesting, surprising us every new comeback with vibey tunes and power.

Let’s check what they have prepared for this one.

Beautiful MAZE

Kicking off this release is the title track with the same name, with a synth-pop style this song develops on the powerful side with impressive tunes and catchy melodies. The music video mixes dance sequences, with angsty shots showing off the members’ visuals. Check it below.

Funk and synth take over in ‘Get LOUD‘, this song plays off with a great mix of vocals and rapping, and a arrangement that had us totally vibing to it! Definitely a dope and fun addition to this release.

Closing this single album is ‘Black MIRROR‘ with power vocals and an incredible arrangement that includes not only great instrumental but also disco-funk elements. This song is a powerful listen and our favourite b-side of this release!

DRIPPIN’s ‘Beautiful MAZE‘ is a fantastic listen, with only three song this single-album is a very well rounded listen, expanding even more their sound. Listen to this release here.

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