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[Review] Catch The Young – Fragments of Odyssey

After an amazing debut mini-album, Catch The Young is back with their second mini-album ‘Fragment of Odyssey‘. We absolutely loved their debut release, and we are very much looking forward to check what this rookie group has prepared for this EP. Let’s dive right into the music!

Fragments of Odyssey

Sentimental Journey‘ kicks off this mini-album with a great mix of rock instrumentals and vocals, the vibe in this song is very light-hearted and cute, the perfect opening to set the mood in this self-composed release.

The title track ‘Voyager‘ follows-up with a mix of pop-rock, awesome build-up, great orchestration and lovely vocals. The composition of this song is beautiful, it has a magical feel that only gets stronger as it plays. For the music video we get the members showing off their music skills along with pretty visuals that are simple but stunning to look at. Check it below.

OST vibes take over in ‘The Legend‘, this song is super hype and fun, perfect for an adventure theme production. Its guitar and drums rich tempo make it a great listen, full of power and awesome tunes!

Always, Forever‘ takes listeners into softer territory with a lovely pop tempo and band instrumentals, the vocals and flow of this song feels quite indie, full of heart and extra charming. This track has a quite minimalist style, and we totally loved the style they went for.

Moving to ‘About Us‘, this mini-album takes an emotional turn with singing that goes off and the drums taking over to deliver a listening experience. ‘Light On Me (1101)‘ follows with a rather acoustic feel and rich singing focused on the feels. This fan song is powerful but soft, a great gift for Catcher.

This mini-album reaches its end with ‘Stand By My Side‘, a song rich in sound and with a stunning piano instrumental that had us totally captivated. The harmonies and back vocals are next level in this song, definitely an incredible closing song.

Catch The Young once again delivered a fantastic EP, packed in amazing music and band power, showing off their awesome talent and very promising future in the industry. Make sure to check out this release here!

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