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[Indie Pick] Lee Joo Young

We’re back with our latest Indie Pick, this time we’re taking a closer look at Lee Joo Young. This singer-songwriter will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings with her beautiful words and her even more beautiful voice.


She released her first single in 2016. ‘May 23’ is a wonderful ballad that feels honest and sincere.

The same year she also released ‘Umbrella’

In 2019 she came out with ‘A wind that shakes leaves’ and the full-length album ‘Lee Joo Young’

Her single ‘It’s snowing’ was released in 2021.This was the pre-release for her second full-length album ‘Ballad’.

‘My sunshine’ came out the year after.

In 2022 the single ‘Blossom’ was released.

Lee Joo Young is also part of the duo Big Issue Project which sings about social issues. They have released two singles album ‘Tree People’ and ‘Essential Music for Big Consensus’.

Go ahead and check out her Spotify profile here. You can check her Instagram here.

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