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[Review] Double Patty

In this week’s review we are talking about a coming-of-age/feel-good drama, starring Red Velvet’s Irene in her first acting role. Let’s chat about ‘Double Patty’.

Directed, written and produced by Baek Seung-hwan, ‘Double Patty’ shares the story of Kang Woo Ram (Shin Seung-ho), an athlete who gives up on his career after a few unfortunate events. He is trying to get a job, and in the meanwhile he takes small jobs he can find to make ends meet.

One night he passes by a burger restaurant and sees Lee Hyun Ji (Bae Ju-hyun (aka. Irene)) working. He is smitten by her and decides to pay regular visits to this restaurant and get the “buy one, get one free” promotion as an excuse to see her.

Hyun Ji from her side is trying to become a news anchor, she has several part time jobs, and is focused on achieving her goals.

Parallel Realities

For the first half of ‘Double Patty’ we get to know these two characters and the different realities they live in. They both join paths in the same restaurant every time Woo Ram goes and eats there, but besides that this film focuses on the life and struggles of these two characters. 

For the rest of this film we get to see how Woo Ram and Hyun Ji find comfort in each other’s company, with deep talks over BBQ and Soju. They are both attracted to each other, but they also know that the timing is not quite right. 

Woo Ram has to deal with past issues, and Hyun Ji needs to focus on her career before doing anything else.

It was interesting seeing the pace they took in their relationship, and how candid and cute it was. There was a clear line in their friendship and it was a bit unexpected seeing how these two characters knew about each others’ feelings but decided to stay friends and grow before anything else. 

The Acting

This was Irene’s first main role, and I would have loved to see a bit more depth in her character. She looked stunning as expected, and the filmography enhanced her beauty. However, I felt that the character needed a bit more background and emotional flow. Nevertheless, her performance was great.

From Seung-ho’s side, I felt that his characters had a lot to say, but somehow got lost with words. His performance was great, and the situations that his character faced were hard and he performed it really well, but I would have liked his character to be a bit more outspoken about his issues instead of struggling on the inside. However, this was understandable since the character seemed like a bit of an introvert and not great with words.

In a Nutshell

Double Patty’ is a slow burn, candid drama that focuses on human emotions and experiences. It is an easy watch and has plenty of stunning shots including its extremely gorgeous leads.

I am sure that Reveluvs will enjoy watching this film. You can watch the trailer below. 

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