Photo credit: ANTENNA

Jung Seung Hwan is back with ‘Epilogue’

Jung Seung Hwan, extraordinary balladeer is back with his latest single album ‘Epilogue’. I’m super stoked, because I’m still obsessed with his 2019 album ‘Hello My Universe’.

The single album has a double title track. The first ‘Epilogue’ is a mid-tempo song that “captures the romance of a beautiful summer day.”  I really like the pop rock vibe with the great electric guitars.

The hamster costumes had me cackling. They’re so cute!

After that comes the second title track ‘To Me’. This is soft and lovely and heartfelt. It literally had me in tears after listening to it. In the album description he wrote that this song is a message to his younger self, to say that “your pain is not your fault”.

The last track is ‘I Will’. This track was performed on stage, but didn’t have an official release yet. I love the drive this single has. The choir at the end gave me literal goosebumps and I can only imagine the impact this would have when you hear this live in a big concert hall.

Overall Jung Seung Hwan did a fantastic job with ‘Epilogue’. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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