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[Review] DK – NAKSEO[戀]

iKON’s DK released his first solo album ‘NAKSEO[戀]’, he definitely surprised us with his solo single in the ‘Take Off’, and we are looking forward to listen to this release. Let’s get right into it!


Kicking things off is ‘Intro. Dawn‘, opening this release on a smooth note with a fantastic guitar instrumentation, and a low tone that sets the expectations for this release high.

The title track ‘GROOVIN’‘ takes over on a very much trendy note, with a rather smooth beat mix and delivery. The music video is a lot more performance driven, with fantastic lighting and a great mix of sets. Watch it below.

LTNS‘ comes up next, contrasting its predecessor with a rock driven track, EDM beat and angst. This pre-release single definitely shows a lot of emotions, and a brand new side of DK.

Now On‘ keeps emotions alive with bass, falsettos, and interesting rap verses. This single feels a lot darker and serious, and the different contrasts of its composition make it a fascinating listen.

Guitar opens up ‘Little Bird‘ featuring Punch, taking over with a lovely mix including an indie music core and a smooth flow. The feature adds the cherry on top to this single, creating beautiful harmonies to delight listeners.

R&B with rather dark vibes take over in ‘Sick of it all‘, for this single DK totally charmed us with the fascinating mix of vocals, with falsettos, rapping, and even high notes, he went all in and poured all the emotions into this fantastic single.

Featuring BOBBY, ‘Still in my‘ comes along, as expected by this duo, this single is only vibes and smooth beats with fantastic contrast and a tempo that had us totally vibing.

??‘ takes over and left us in awe with an impressive R&B tempo, that managed to be sexy and a little be funky at the same time. This single definitely takes the lead as our favourite b-side, with a great instrumentations and amazing rhythm.

Genre‘ end this release on a rather sentimental note, with a great instrumental riff, and DK’s flawless singing. Definitely a solid ending.

DK’s first album definitely shows a new side of him, with track that are both trendy and very music him. Make sure dive into this release here.

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