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[Review] Cha Eun-Woo – ENTITY

Cha Eun-Woo dropped his first solo mini-album ‘ENTITY’. Eun-Woo has writing credits in all of the tracks. We’re super curious so let’s take a closer look!


The first track is ‘U&I’ which sets the tone with a jazzy piano opening and a bass. This is a lovely track and Eun-Woo’s vocals are soft and warm.

‘Fu*king great time’ comes along with an acoustic piano line, synth bass and an electric guitar. This is very smooth R&B track which makes for a super nice listen. I liked the staccato synths a lot.

The title track ‘STAY’ is a country pop track with a powerful acoustic guitar and according to the album description a “wild charm”.

Next up is ‘WHERE AM I’. This is an alternative rock track with a lyrical piano and a heavy bass. This song is really sad and you can really feel that in the vocal delivery. Read the translated lyrics here.

‘You’re the best’ is an indie folk ballad with an acoustic guitar and a very warm sound. This is literally the cutest song in the world when you read the lyrics.

The last track ‘Memories’ is a CD exclusive.

Overall ‘ENTITY’ is a very solid solo debut for Cha Eun-Woo. Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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