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[Review] DAY6 – Fourever

DAY6 is back to warm our hearts with their latest comeback ‘Fourever’. We’re beyond happy to have them back as a quartet so let’s dive in!


We start off with the title track ‘Welcome to the show’. This brings back the DAY6 magic we’ve been waiting for. According to the album description this track is “a serenade to those who stand hand in hand on the stage of the world. ” It’s wholesome and has this blend of Britpop and something that is typically DAY6.

After that comes ‘HAPPY’ which starts with a heavier rock sound with even some punk elements thrown in. I love Young K’s vocals in this and the layering with Wonpil’s voice. It’s wholesome and I loved it.

‘The Power of Love’ goes RETRO. It has a super sick synth sound thrown in the mix and combines that effortlessly with a hard rock vibe. It’s a really cool blend and begs for a couple of re-listens.

Next up is ‘Get the hell out’. This has elements of “emotional Swedish pop codes from the mid-90s, melodic elements and grunge” which honestly is a pretty unexpected mix but totally works for DAY6. I really liked the vocal harmonies and the cool chorus.

‘Sad Ending‘ is emo funk with a lot of drama. I am so obsessed with this track, you’ve no idea. The guitars are sick and the build-up is great.

After that comes ‘Let me love you’ which slows the tempo down a little bit with retro pop. This is just super wholesome and a major vibe.

The album closes off with ‘didn’t know‘. We’re getting a modern rock ballad which feels so quintessential DAY6 it only feels appropriate they have this as a closing track.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Fourever’ by DAY6 here on Spotify.

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