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[Review] The Boyz – [PHANTASY] Pt.3 Love Letter

The Boyz are back with new music!

This time they released the single album ‘[PHANTASY] Pt.3 Love Letter‘ including 3 new singles. The members participated in the writing of the lyrics for this one, and we are excited to listen to what they have created. Let’s dive right in!

[PHANTASY] Pt.3 Love Letter

The title track ‘Nectar‘ kicks-off this release with a nostalgic arrangement and great build up. This song evolve to become a medium-pop track with a sweet mix of bets, fantastic ad-libs, and a smooth mix of vocals, rapping and harmonies. This title song feels like the end of a chapter for The Boyz, with a music video including emotional shoots, stunning visuals, and very cute storytelling. This music video is for the fans, and it is absolutely adorable.

Hurt Me Less‘ spices things up with a rock based tempo and amazing mixing. The beat drops, electric guitar and angst in this song are the perfect combination for this solid b-side. Get ready drown yourself in the singing and great instrumentations.

Closing this release is the ballad ‘Dear.‘, co-written by Eric, Sangyeon, Younghoon, New and Q, this single is super rich in instrumentals with a very soft, romantic and wholesome pace. The harmonies are beautiful and the feelings overflow in this song, a magical end.

Make sure to listen to this well-round and very pretty release here.

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