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[Review] Crush – Wonderego

Crush is back with his new full-length album ‘Wonderego’. We’re super curious about this new release that is a whopping 19 songs long, so let’s take a closer look!


Kicking off this highly anticipated release is the intro track ‘New Day‘ opening this release with Crush’s vocal groove and a fantastic mixing. The first title track ‘Hmm-Cheat‘ takes over next to deliver a smooth track with an early 2000s pop-song feel with an R&B twist. The chorus and full flow in this single is super catchy and had us totally jamming to it.

This song gets even smoother with its super dope music video, and the amazing performance delivered by him and the amazing dancers backing him up. Watch it below.

The legends of Dynamic Duo are featuring in ‘No Break‘, this very smooth electro R&B single, the instrumental in this song are fantastic, with a fun and upbeat tempo that had us wanting to hit the dance floor.

In ‘Me myself & I‘ we go into funk and soul, with a flawless flow and killing vocal layering. This single is pure of passion and emotion and has a retro touch that makes it a very addictive listen.

Satisfied‘ featuring PENOMECO comes up next to bring pure groove and an amazing rapping flow. The contrast of vocals and rapping in this single are a total vibe, and the outro is the cherry on top.

On a more sentimental note we get ‘Deep End‘ featuring AMAKA, moving along this release with beautiful harmonies and ad-libs and a very delicate arrangement that enhances the feel even more.

The second title track ‘EZPZ‘ follows up with a cool melodic rhythm and a very catchy hook, the arrangement in this single is super cool and fun, making up for quite the vibey listening experience.

Nothing Else‘ featuring Kim Ximiya takes over to deliver alternative vibes in an unique track focused with an incredible verses delivery, this single smoothly transitions to ‘GOT ME GOT U‘ changing up the tempo and introducing a total club-banger, the house music inspired tempo and sick sectioning in this single are fantastic, and add an extra special touch to this album.

Featuring Lee Hi, ‘Bad Habits‘ comes along to deliver smoothness and flawless singing, the R&B in this track is sexy and delicate, enhancing the stunning vocals of this two power singers.

lust, lost, then ego.

‘Ego’ is the third title track. We’re going for a cute vibe with nice beats and really lovely harmonies. I like the very light synth in the backing track.

Next up is ‘Ego’s Theme – Interlude’. This instrumental interlude has a lot of nice things going on. I enjoyed the guitars with the cool build-up of harmonies. It’s a very ambient track that makes for a nice background moment.

‘A Man Like Me’ is the following title track. We’re going for 90s Soul and R&B and even at times a bit gospel-like. It’s a cool moment and shows Crush at his most creative. The groove is definitely there and Crush does a great job. This is fully in English.

‘Monday Blues’ brings it back to R&B. The music is deceptively light while the lyrics are quite sad. The rhythm creates a cool listening experience.

Next up is ‘You’ and we’re going for drama. I love the a capella moments and the cool theremin in the backing track. The lyrics are all about longing for someone with tears in your eyes. The bridge is dope!

‘SHE’ is being serenaded. This is adorable. It’s an R&B track with a very lyrical guitar and is all about being completed when meeting your other half. This is literally so sweet. The outro with the vocal layering is lovely.

‘Harness’ starts off with an absolutely stunning orchestra. This feels very Christmassey due to the beautiful strings, the warm ambience and the dreamy vocals. The brass inclusion just elevated to one of my new favorite Christmas songs.

Following that is ‘For Days To Come’. This is a really sad and raw one. If you’re going through a hard time, I hope you find comfort in this track. The instrumentation is lovely.

The closing track is ‘Remember Me’. This is a thank you to all the people who have surrounded Crush and will continue to do so. It’s a happy moment and closes off this album on a positive, vibrant note.

Overall ‘Wonderego’ by Crush is a very cohesive album. It’s well crafted and definitely deserves a couple of listens.

Check it out here on Spotify.