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[Review] Colde – Love Part 2

It’s been four years since producer, singer-song writer Colde release the masterpiece ‘Love, Part 1‘, and this timeless finally has its second part. Just this week, ‘Love Part 2‘ was released including in its track list incredible and unexpected features.

We are beyond thrilled to listen to what he has prepared for this album. Let’s get right into it.

Love Part 2

Piano acoustics begin this journey in ‘Island‘. This single includes a very minimalistic arrangement, with stunning instrumentation, built-up, and Colde’s singing putting it all together in this flawless single. The song is elevate with a piano rich outro mixed with wave sounds, absolutely breath taking.

Featuring RM of BTS, ‘Don’t ever say love me‘ brings emotions in a composition that is intense, striking, and beautiful to listen to. RM deep tone elevates the feel of this song, all about this single feel intense, honest and raw. A total emotional trip.

I’m Still Here‘ puts a small chill break with a laidback vibe, a drum riff, and a very easy to listen flow. Even though it doesn’t go off as intense as the previous two, this single is also nostalgic and romantic at the same time.

Featuring Lee Chanhyuk, ‘Heartbreak Club‘ is all about vibes and smooth R&B, the groove in this single is fantastic and the contrast of Colde’s and Chanhyuk’s vocals just dope. The music video brings alt and clean aesthetics, the camera work, effects and shoots are fantastic, and the black background make the visuals and colours stand out even more. Check it below.

After Everything‘ comes along to bring comfort with its very pretty composition, pitter-patter, and emotional lyrics delivery. This single is peak aesthetics and hits hard in the feels. A total masterpiece. Featuring Baekhyun, ‘When Dawn Comes Again‘ follows up, this single was pre-released in 2021, and it is as stunning to listen to as it was when released. Check its MV below.

White noise and piano begins ‘Settle‘, this single turns into a very smooth jazzy song with a soft flow, and plenty of emotions. It is a very beautiful listen, full of delicately crafted music and a lot of heart.

We reach the end of ‘Love Part 2’ with ‘Even Though You Said So Easily‘, and its bossa nova inspired vibes. This single is soft, trendy, a touch jazzy, and musically reach, the instrumentation is incredible, and the airy vocals the cherry on top.

Colde made us wait and he delivered too. ‘Love Part 2‘ is a musical masterpiece, with beautifully crafted music and a lot of soul.

You can listen to this release here.

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